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The All-American Lineworker

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John Farrell

John Farrell
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Presented by Klein Tools

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The All-American Lineworker Honor recognizes the best of the trade.

All-American Class of 2023

Local 1319

In 11 years John Farrell has went through an NRECA apprenticeship, and also IBEW NEAT apprenticeship hitting his career head on the right way. He has always helped others, and brothers before and after work sacrificing his time to teaching the ways of the trade. From Texas across to New England he has worked regular jobs and storm calls. There are many avenues too take with this adventurous exciting career as a journeyman lineman. John Farrell always helped In other events as well including outdoor youth events, church events, IBEW events, and NRECA events. He is his brothers keeper.

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