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The All-American Lineworker

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Pat Winter

Pat Winter
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The All-American Lineworker Honor recognizes the best of the trade.

All-American Class of 2024

Local 125

Pat Winter has spent nearly four decades with IBEW Local 125, where he started his career through the NW Line JATC program. Known for his technical expertise and a rigorous approach to safety, Pat has been an essential figure in numerous projects, emphasizing quality and precision. His role as a mentor has been crucial in nurturing the next generation of linemen, ensuring that the legacy of meticulousness and professionalism is carried forward. Over the 30 plus years of instructing at the NW Line JATC, Pat has probably taught over 2500 apprentices, in all areas of the NW. Pat is a fixture in the NW and most every lineman knows Pat and has a story to tell of there apprenticeship about how Pat has helped them. For Pat's final give back to the trade he came in and worked at the Union Hall for IBEW Local 125, and represented members in the Construction Line, Tree and Traffic Control industry.

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