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Appalachian Power

Appalachian Power Lineman Jobs



Hiring: Groundmen, Apprentices, and Journeymen

Current Lineman Openings:


Appalachian Power is hiring lineman. Appalachian Power Company generates, transmits, and distributes electric power. Appalachian Power Company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Appalachian Power Company provides service in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee, Columbus, Ohio..

Appalachian Power Lineman Pay and Salary Information

The average salary for lineman at Appalachian Power is approximately $66,750/yr. Appalachian Power offer warranty coverage plans for emergency home repairs.

Lineman Apprenticeships at Appalachian Power

The Apprentice Lineman at Appalachain Power assists Journeyman Lineman and the Foreman while in training and learning the trade. Responsible for performing diversified work related to the construction and maintenance of poles, power lines, auxiliary facilities, and equipment for the distribution of electricity. Provide technical skills needed for the operation and maintenance of reliable electrical services for the consumer, completing jobs with quality and timeliness

Appalachian Power Journeyman Lineman Jobs

Journeyman lineman at Appalachian Power Assist in the installation, maintenance, rearrangement, operation, removal and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities. Drive and operate line trucks and associated auxiliary equipment. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions. The following reference is provided as a guideline for persons responsible for directing the duties and responsibilities of assigned personnel, to assist in the safety and development of employees, and is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions: DIRECT SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is working with/hands-on with the person performing the designated task.

Appalachian Power Lineman Job Hiring Process

To become a lineman at Appalachian Power must have the ability to climb and work at heights, valid CDL state driver's license and working experience.

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