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Can you be too short to get a lineman job

The majority of lineman job descriptions list that the applicants must be climb up and down wood poles and other structures. While a specific height requirement is not listed for linemen, being under 5 foot 3 inches can make it difficult to complete some tasks. Lineman often work in bucket trucks, the adjustments needed to accomodate someone that is significantly shorter than the rest of the crew may make work slightly more difficult.

Is there a height requirement for lineman jobs

There is a not a formal height requirement to be a lineman. being under 5 foot 3 inches may make some tasks difficult for lineman. The main physical requirement to be a lineman are not height related but rather strength and stamina. When working on a line job lineman are required to lift hardware after climbing up and down metal and wood structures. These tasks require strong core, leg and upper body strength.

Lineman Physical requirement

Am I tall enough to be lineman?

Yes you are most likely tall enough to be a line worker if you are over the required 18 years old. The more important question to ask is do you have the physical strength and stamina to complete the needed tasks day in and day out on a tranmission or distribution crew. Lineworkers work in hard and exhausting physical environements.

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