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How should I prepare for a lineman interview

The best way to prepare for a lineman interview is to have two key sections committed to memory: overview of work experience and examples of qualification. Overview of work experience means you can succinctly summarize how your past experience on your resume (in the line industry or not) translate to this opportunity. Examples of qualification means having 3-4 examples ready of stories or scenarios in which you displayed your skill and leadership. You can wave these stories into pretty much any question you are asked.

How do lineman interviews work

The point of a lineman interview is for the general foreman or hiring manager to understand your prior experience and skill. While some job qualifications like your license and CDL may be non-negotiables for a lineman job, there are a lot of things that you can screw up with a bad interview. Typically electric cooperatives or publicly traded utilities will arrange a lineman interview one or two weeks in advance. They can be conducted over the phone or in person. Lineman interviews usually last around 30 minutes.

Lineman interview prep

What questions are asked in a lineman job interview

Common questions that are often asked of lineman during an interview include: What kind of experience do you have climbing poles or using truck-mounted buckets to access equipment? How often do you climb poles? Have you ever removed electrical hazards when repairing power lines? How do you usually identify potential electrical concerns?

Other Lineman Job Questions

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