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How veterans can get lineman jobs

From a experienced journeyman lineman standpoint, who better would you want standing on a pole or working the ground with you when you’re working on high-voltage energy than someone who knows how to follow the rules and doesn’t cut corners. Across the industry some of the most experienced and hardworking lineman we meet are former military. There is no question that employers value the nose-to-the grindstone attitude. Fortunately there are great programs that help. One top tier program is the Power Pathway. Power Pathway is a training program for the utility industry. Over half of their graduates are former military.

How to go from the military to a powerline job in 2024?

Another strong resource that many utility and energy sector companies use is Hire Heroes USA. Hire Heroes was started by U.S. Army Sergeant Justin Callahan. One reason employers appreciate vets is they’ve already gone through hard training, they’re motivated, and they know how to follow instructions. Line poisitions like groundman or ground hand do not require an sort of higher education. Due to a veterans experience in the military, veterans also understand that safety and teamwork are paramount.

former military lineman

What employers hire military for lineman jobs?

The path to begin a career in the line trade is an apprenticeship. This is an "earn as you learn" program in which you track the hours of your on-the-job (OJT) training. When you reach the required hours for your respective state you can take the test for your journeyman license. Common companies that are posting lineman jobs and hiring former military include Entergy, CenterPoint Energy, and National Grid.

Other Lineman Job Questions

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