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2024 California Lineman Jobs

View highest paying lineman jobs in California. Quick apply for lineman work near me. Companies hiring lineman in California. 17 new lineman jobs now posted.

Common Local Line Worker Employers Hiring

Pacific Gas and Electric

Pacific Gas and Electric

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

Edison International
Edison International

Edison International

California Lineman Jobs


0+ Years Experience


Lineman Apprentice

2-4 Years Experience


Journeyman Lineman

7+ Years Experience


Getting a Lineman Job Here

There are currently 6,730 lineworkers employed in California.

The average lineworker on the job in California makes $96,497 a year.

Lineman Work Near Me Information

California Lineman Jobs

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) approved a transmission plan that includes 23 projects, estimated to cost nearly $3 billion, to cope with the dramatic increase in renewable generation and forecasted load growth in its footprint. The California Public Utilities Commission ("CPUC") unanimously approved the issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the construction and operation of the Ten West Link high-voltage transmission project ("Ten West Link"). Ten West Link will improve grid efficiency and reliability, while enabling new renewable energy and energy storage resources. PG&E is often looking for provisional hires that will be required to participate in targeted training to achieve journey-level knowledge of Journeyman Lineman roles and responsibilities

Companies hiring lineworkers in California

Valley Electric Association

Valley Electric Association Lineman Jobs

Sierra Pacific Power

Sierra Pacific Power Lineman Jobs

Silicon Valley Power

Silicon Valley Power Lineman Jobs

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison Lineman Jobs

Southern California Public Power Authority

Southern California Public Power Authority Lineman Jobs

Team Fishel

Team Fishel Lineman Jobs

TTR Substations

TTR Substations Lineman Jobs

Pacific Gas & Electric

Pacific Gas & Electric Lineman Jobs

Pasadena Water and Power

Pasadena Water and Power Lineman Jobs

Redwood Electric Group

Redwood Electric Group Lineman Jobs

Riverside Public Utilities

Riverside Public Utilities Lineman Jobs

Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Electric Lineman Jobs

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Lineman Jobs

San Diego Gas and Electric

San Diego Gas and Electric Lineman Jobs

Merwin Group

Merwin Group Lineman Jobs

Michels Pacific Energy

Michels Pacific Energy Lineman Jobs

L2CMS Solution

L2CMS Solution Lineman Jobs

LA Trade Technical College

LA Trade Technical College Lineman Jobs

Liberty Utilities

Liberty Utilities Lineman Jobs

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Lineman Jobs

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