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2024 Missouri Lineman Jobs

View highest paying lineman jobs in Missouri. Quick apply for lineman work near me. Companies hiring lineman in Missouri. 36 new lineman jobs now posted.

Common Local Line Worker Employers Hiring

Star Construction

Star Construction



Altitude Energy
Altitude Energy

Altitude Energy

Missouri Lineman Jobs


0+ Years Experience


Lineman Apprentice

2-4 Years Experience


Journeyman Lineman

7+ Years Experience


Getting a Lineman Job Here

There are currently 2,340 lineworkers employed in Missouri.

The average lineworker on the job in Missouri makes $79,648 a year.

Lineman Work Near Me Information

Missouri Lineman Jobs

The Grain Belt Express, one of the biggest U.S. proposed transmission projects designed to carry Midwest wind power to eastern markets, is one step closer to completion after winning key court and policy battles in Missouri. It’s the latest victory for a project that will carry up to 4,000 megawatts of wind power in western Kansas to its endpoint in Indiana, and from there to the 11-state market of grid operator PJM.Up to 4,000 MW of energy transmission and associated new generation projects in Kansas, a combined investment of approximately $8 billion.$500M in project infrastructure investment.$12.8M in annual energy savings for 39 municipal utilities across Missouri. The Class C Lineman is an entry level lineman position in the construction, maintenance and repair of electrical overhead distribution systems. This position works at various locations and may also be required to travel to another state depending on customer demands.

Companies hiring lineworkers in Missouri

NewMac Electric

NewMac Electric Lineman Jobs

Guarantee Electrical Co

Guarantee Electrical Co Lineman Jobs

Independence Power and Light

Independence Power and Light Lineman Jobs

Empire District Electric Company

Empire District Electric Company Lineman Jobs

Capital Electric Line Builders

Capital Electric Line Builders Lineman Jobs

City Utilities of Springfield

City Utilities of Springfield Lineman Jobs


Ameren Lineman Jobs

ArchKey Solutions

ArchKey Solutions Lineman Jobs

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