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Personal Voltage Detectors can Save Lineman Lives on the Job

Lineman Central Spotlight on SafeGuard

Albert Einstein once said "The World is a Dangerous Place but its a less dangerous place if you know where you are."

Being a lineman today is getting safer each day with new equipment, however it is still one of the most dangerous jobs.

The obvious danger for a lineman is high voltage.

What if there was a way to get an immediate alert when voltage was closer than you think?

SAFEGUARD: Protecting Lineman on the Job

COMPASS® from Safeguard Equipment is a personal voltage & current detector that senses exposed electricity and alerts the user long before they are in danger of being electrocuted. This life-saving device displays the distance and direction of the threat, and it’s the only personal detection device that can sense current.

Benefits include lightweight, proximity and directional alerts, rechargeable and most importantly it is durable and water-resistant.

COMPASS® mounts under the brim of any standard hard hat within the user’s peripheral vision. This strategic placement allows it to provide 360° detection around the user. When a threat is detected, COMPASS® immediately provides the user with both audible and visual notifications.


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