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Ratchet plus hotstick can equal danger for linemen

One of the first things we learn for basic safety is if a position feels awkward or dangerous, slow down and find a better, safer way to do it.

So are we still trying to fit heavy impact drivers with a hydraulic hose in tight spots when it comes to transmission and distribution work?

In our recent survey of the 2021 apprentice class, one of the most common situations that workers felt at risk was doing repetitive motions in between tight tight energized lines.

The solution for most linemen on the job: a swivel-mounted ratchet on the end of the stick.

Lineman need to safely install and remove bolted connections

The Rattlegun, powered by Bevins Co., is a wireless battery powered impact wrench that allows a properly trained Lineman to safely install and remove hardware by use with an appropriate length insulated Hot Stick while working near energized conductors.

Due to the presence of energized conductors, the impact wrench must be operated by means of wireless telemetry via a remote control. The radio linked controller allows the operator to safely control the speed and rotational direction of the impact wrench socket.

How the RattleGun Works

The state-of-the art technology can tighten and loosen nuts and bolts, including torque nuts. The 1/2-inch battery-powered impact wrench is operated via a remote control that can be mounted on any hot stick.

The Rattlegun reduces many repetitive motions in construction, maintenance, and storm emergency situations. By getting jobs done faster, it also reduces the chance of back and knee injuries due to repetitive motions.

The remote control unit puts distance between you and the energized lines.

Check out the The RattleGun by Bevins

Using readily available hot sticks found on any lineman’s truck, linemen can upgrade their capabilities, speed, and ease-of-use for all bolted applications.

All you need is a shotgun stick, grip-all, or universal pole. Any insulated hot stick with a universal head meets the attachment requirements.

Grab a set of 1/2" drive impact rated sockets and you're ready to go!


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