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Resume template for high paying lineman apprenticeship jobs

What should go in a lineman resume?

The strongest lineman resumes will include 

  • A powerful career statement that demonstrate a team player

  • Credible experience from past utility or power employers with multiple bullet points detailing work experience

  • Education details including High School/GED and CDL information

  • Relevant skills about power tools, climbing, basic math, and understanding of electrical systems.

The Best Lineman Resume Template

Download the word document template > 

perfect lineman apprenticeship resume.JP

How does a resume help me get a lineman job?

Lineman apprenticeship jobs are becoming more and more competitive. In order to have a strong chance at interviewing and sticking out from other applicants an aspring lineman need to boil down on one sheet of paper his or her core competencies.

What sort of education experience do you have?

What past work experience do you have that will help a utility or construction company?

A goal of a good lineman resume is not to automatically get you a job; the intent is to get you an in person interview where you can give even more details about your education and work experience.

What could stop me from getting a lineman job on my resume?

A good lineman resume is a place to highlight your professional and career growth. 

This is not a document to explain why you didn't get along with your old boss or why you quit a certain job or decided not to go a certain school. HR professionals and recruiters are looking to professional and credible members to their crews.


Do not add a bunch of personal details about your weekend hobbies. A good resume should be limited to one page and should leave an employer excited to interview you and see if you are a good fit for a lineman job.

Other Common Lineman Questions

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