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We are driven to support the next 100 years of the Line Trade while respecting the history and legacy of the last. 

What We Do
Connecting Linemen in a Mobile and Digital Age
Training and Certificate Programs
Coverage in all States and parts of Canada
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Our Story

Lineman Central is the leading portal for connecting with lineman apprenticeship programs, technical schools and all things lineman career related. 

For our team, the line trade is a family matter. We have seen first hand in our families how the trades have been forgotten, taken for granted, and looked down upon.

Since the invention of electricity, many people forget the work that happens behind the scenes. We support the lineman of today and tomorrow.

The fathers, and grandfathers in this trade seek to make sure it's craftsmanship and integrity passed down to our sons and daughters. 

After a meeting at a rodeo, several linemen across the country decided to make the central knowledge base for our trade. Since 2019, our team of volunteer journeymen helped support the information needed to start and excel in a career as a line worker. 


Interested in joining our team and passing down this knowledge to future generations? Write for Lineman Central.

We partner with lineman training programs across North America who use Lineman Central to list information about their program and opportunities for aspiring students. Lineman are the epitome of hard work, sacrifice and dedication. We are incredibly proud for the role we play in building the future of this industry.

Each year we provide aspiring lineman the information needed to continue their journey. An aspiring lineman should take into account many factors when selecting a program. Lineman Central provides the data that helps inform this decision.

We are not affiliated nor claim to be affiliated with any union or trade organization. We will not tolerate union vs non-union fighting or unprofessional comments on this site. Our content is composed from individuals with professional experience in the industry and we aim to be a quality resource of knowledge and know-how.

The line trade is the unsung hero of commerce, comfort and continuity we each enjoy each day. Even with improved safety measures, line workers are still in the top ten most fatally dangerous professions. Each year over 40 professional line workers are killed on the job every year. Many others suffer non-fatal loss of limbs from electrical burns and mechanical trauma.


Honor a Line Hero Today. 

We Aim to Honor The Best in Class

Looking for a good listen? Check out our partnering podcast:

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Our team of retired and current industry professionals is passionate about supporting the future of this trade we love. Our mission is to guide, support and inspire lineman across North America.

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