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How to Hire the Best Linemen in 2024

The demand for lineman is expected to climb by 8.8% by the year 2027.

It is estimated there will be 22,200 lineman job openings in 2024 alone. Each year over the past five years has seen gradual increases in lineman job openings.

What is your plan to get the best line workers on your crews?

Skip the rest this page and go back to spraying and praying job postings across the internet?

Let us Deliver the Best, You Focus on the Rest

Lineman Central is helping to connect thousands of lineman to the employers of their dream crews.

Frequently Listed Positions From:

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Best Job Boards to Hire Lineworkers in 2024

Well wait... lets walk that back.

If you think just a job board listing is going to help build out the best crews... you have another thing coming. Lineworkers are in high demand (and we know it). Throwing up a job description on Indeed or ZipRecruiter isnt effective anymore.

There are three key factors that makes hiring quality and accredited lineworkers tougher and tougher each year:

  1. Baby Boomers and Generation X Lineman beginning to exit the utility workforce

  2. Decreasing enrollment in technical and vocational trade schools across North America

  3. Rapidly increasing number of transmission and distribution projects as the government and utilities try to strengthen the grid

You need to engage a credible and trustworthy community.

Lineman Central was established in 2019 by a group of line workers as the leading community for those interested in joining the trade, current apprentices, and experienced journeymen looking to give back.

Since then we have supported thousands and thousand line workers across North America. We help our own get into training programs, apprenticeships and the highest paying jobs in their region. 

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Can you help me find the right lineworker?

Lineman hiring has never been more competitive and the best talent is taken FAST. Your ideal candidate is out there, you just need to know where to look and how to appeal to them. We’ve filled a wide variety of roles and hundreds of positions. Here are some examples of the common types of roles we fill.

Position: Journeyman (IBEW)

Location: California

Experience: 7+ Years

Hourly Wage: $51.50

Position: Lineman A

Location: Mississippi

Experience: 4+ Years

Hourly Wage: $31.75

Position: Transmission Apprentice

Location: Alabama

Experience:1 Year

Hourly Wage: $33.50

Position: Aerial Construction

Location: New Jersey

Experience: 2 Years

Hourly Wage: $34.20

Position: Traveling Lineman

Location: Nebraska

Experience: 6+ Years

Hourly Wage: $39.10

Position: Splicer Journeyman

Location: Missouri

Experience: 2 Years

Hourly Wage: $42.50

How the top employers hire the best lineworkers

If you want to hire the best talent you should make the application process long, cumbersome, with lots of different logins and passwords to remember in order to view an irrelevant, under paying job.

Don't be crazy.

If you want to hire competitively for lineworkers do three simple things:

1) Make the application process as straight forward as possible.

2) Go fishing in the right pond.

3) Pay market rate. 

1) Make the application process as straight forward as possible.

Think about the time when you were applying for your current job. 

There is a lot of noise and spam out there. 

The lineman on Lineman Central have one login, when we get a notifications for a job that matches our criteria we can log in and hit the apply button. We don't want to create another new profile in your applicant tracking system. Through the Lineman Central platform you can add your entire recruiting team and make sure they get every notification of a new application. 

2) Go fishing in the right pond.

Our team always get a laugh when utilities try to fill an apprentice or journeyman position through LinkedIn or an electrician job board.


If you want to catch a swordfish, why would you throw a bass lure in a Texas pond?

Lineman Central is the leading platform with the trust of lineman across North America. We connect thousands of lineman searching for their next role. Don't overthink it. 

3) Pay market rate. 

Let keep this short and sweet. You need to pay competitively. 

We see it everyday, a utility company confused why they aren't getting any applicants for their $28/hr job in Florida or a construction group struggling to get interest for a $30/hr job in Texas.

Be in the market range. 

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