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Highest Paying States For Lineman in 2023

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Lineman Central provides leading analysis of utility line worker compensation across the country. This information is based on foundational reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual lineman survey data, and compensation information provided by our partnering programs and employers. All salary and hourly wages are pre-tax. 

2023 Lineman Pay by State

Mississippi Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $59,800

Average Weekly Pay: $1,150

Average Hourly Pay: $28.75

Florida Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $60,673

Average Weekly Pay: $1,167

Average Hourly Pay: $29.17

Georgia Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $61,363

Average Weekly Pay: $1,180

Average Hourly Pay: $29.50

New Mexico Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $62,680

Average Weekly Pay: $1,205

Average Hourly Pay: $30.13

North Carolina Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $64,350

Average Weekly Pay: $1,238

Average Hourly Pay: $30.94

Louisiana Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $64,502

Average Weekly Pay: $1,240

Average Hourly Pay: $31.01

Utah Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $64,880

Average Weekly Pay: $1,248

Average Hourly Pay: $31.19

Kansas Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $64,900

Average Weekly Pay: $1,248

Average Hourly Pay: $31.20

Wisconsin Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $65,120

Average Weekly Pay: $1,252

Average Hourly Pay: $31.31

Alabama Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $65,858

Average Weekly Pay: $1,267

Average Hourly Pay: $31.66

Indiana Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,450

Average Weekly Pay: $1,278

Average Hourly Pay: $31.95

Tennessee Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,500

Average Weekly Pay: $1,279

Average Hourly Pay: $31.97

Minnesota Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,510

Average Weekly Pay: $1,279

Average Hourly Pay: $31.98

West Virginia Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,547

Average Weekly Pay: $1,280

Average Hourly Pay: $31.99

Iowa Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,637

Average Weekly Pay: $1,281

Average Hourly Pay: $32.04

Texas Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,760

Average Weekly Pay: $1,284

Average Hourly Pay: $32.10

Maine Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $66,980

Average Weekly Pay: $1,288

Average Hourly Pay: $32.20

Ohio Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $68,350

Average Weekly Pay: $1,314

Average Hourly Pay: $32.86

Pennsylvania Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $68,562

Average Weekly Pay: $1,319

Average Hourly Pay: $32.96

New Jersey Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $68,601

Average Weekly Pay: $1,319

Average Hourly Pay: $32.98

Idaho Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $68,621

Average Weekly Pay: $1,320

Average Hourly Pay: $32.99

Michigan Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $69,601

Average Weekly Pay: $1,338

Average Hourly Pay: $33.46

Arkansas Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $69,983

Average Weekly Pay: $1,346

Average Hourly Pay: $33.65

Wyoming Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $70,250

Average Weekly Pay: $1,351

Average Hourly Pay: $33.77

Connecticut Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $70,300

Average Weekly Pay: $1,352

Average Hourly Pay: $33.80

Arizona Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $70,720

Average Weekly Pay: $1,360

Average Hourly Pay: $34.00

Kentucky Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $71,300

Average Weekly Pay: $1,371

Average Hourly Pay: $34.28

Montana Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $71,313

Average Weekly Pay: $1,371

Average Hourly Pay: $34.29

Oklahoma Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $71,700

Average Weekly Pay: $1,379

Average Hourly Pay: $34.47

Vermont Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $72,250

Average Weekly Pay: $1,389

Average Hourly Pay: $34.74

Delaware Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $72,900

Average Weekly Pay: $1,402

Average Hourly Pay: $35.05

Missouri Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $73,900

Average Weekly Pay: $1,419

Average Hourly Pay: $35.48

Virginia Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $75,996

Average Weekly Pay: $1,461

Average Hourly Pay: $36.54

South Carolina Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $76,203

Average Weekly Pay: $1,465

Average Hourly Pay: $36.64

New Hampshire Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $76,505

Average Weekly Pay: $1,471

Average Hourly Pay: $36.78

Nebraska Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $77,006

Average Weekly Pay: $1,481

Average Hourly Pay: $37.02

Illinois Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $80,550

Average Weekly Pay: $1,549

Average Hourly Pay: $38.73

Colorado Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $80,600

Average Weekly Pay: $1,550

Average Hourly Pay: $38.75

Maryland Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $82,800

Average Weekly Pay: $1,592

Average Hourly Pay: $39.81

South Dakota Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $82,512

Average Weekly Pay: $1,606

Average Hourly Pay: $40.15

Rhode Island Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $84,506

Average Weekly Pay: $1,625

Average Hourly Pay: $40.63

Nevada Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $84,799

Average Weekly Pay: $1,631

Average Hourly Pay: $40.77

North Dakota Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $84,934

Average Weekly Pay: $1,633

Average Hourly Pay: $40.83

Washington Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $88,117

Average Weekly Pay: $1,695

Average Hourly Pay: $42.36

Oregon Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $89,500

Average Weekly Pay: $1,721

Average Hourly Pay: $43.03

California Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $90,590

Average Weekly Pay: $1,742

Average Hourly Pay: $43.55

Massachusetts Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $91,430

Average Weekly Pay: $1,758

Average Hourly Pay: $43.96

New York Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $91,800

Average Weekly Pay: $1,765

Average Hourly Pay: $44.13

Alaska Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $94,800

Average Weekly Pay: $1,823

Average Hourly Pay: $45.58

Hawaii Lineman Pay

Average Salary: $98,440

Average Weekly Pay: $1,893

Average Hourly Pay: $44.33

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