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The All-American Lineworker

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Cameron French

Cameron French
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Presented by Klein Tools

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The All-American Lineworker Honor recognizes the best of the trade.

All-American Class of 2023

Bobcat Electrical & Instrumentation

Cameron is a skilled and extremely knowledgeable lineman as any out there. His work ethic while maintaining an outstanding Safety record is Top Notch. His ability to teach while maintaining production is above and beyond most that I have ever seen. He brings good moral to the crew and every situation I have been involved with him in. He is self-motivated, and not above any task that is asked of him. He is an all around good guy. On September 20th, 2021 Cameron had been a Foreman for our company for sometime. Cameron lost his best friend this day, which was his Journeyman Lineman and daily passenger in his foreman truck everyday. After this day Cameron came to his crew and said he just can not drive this foreman truck right now and asked if he could step back into the Journeyman Lineman roll. Cameron carries his best friends lineman passion along with his daily into the bucket and in the hooks. Cameron is the kind of guy you want on your team, he is a multi-tool made out of flesh and bone. Cameron French is the true definition of journeyman lineman.

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