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St. Louis Linemen Union Information

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In 1897, Local Union No. 2 was chartered, and began representing construction Linemen in 53 counties in the eastern half of Missouri, from Iowa to Arkansas. Local Union No. 2 has grown to include not only construction linemen, but telephone, cable TV, utility, cooperative, municipal, line clearance, and clerical workers. In 1997, we celebrated our 100 year anniversary. If you have worked construction in Local 2 jurisdiction, you may be eligible to take training courses to further your knowledge of our trade.

St. Louis


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Common Employers of Linemen in this area

BBC Electric, Intren, Capital Electric Line Builders

St. Louis Linemen Union Information

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Lineman Central data is provided from a combination of local union information submissions, industry reports, surveys, and other publicly available data. This resource is intended to help local unions provide basic information to linemen and we do not claim 100% annual accuracy. Lineman Central is not a union itself and this tool serves to connect resources.   

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