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The All-American Lineworker

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John Pickowitz

John Pickowitz
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Presented by Klein Tools

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The All-American Lineworker Honor recognizes the best of the trade.

All-American Class of 2023

CMEC Local 702

John is now our General Foreman and will have served 45 years in March of 2023. He is a valuable asset to our co-op & our crews. He is dedicated and has served with storm support in other states as well as hundreds of storms in our own territory. He helps anyone and everyone. His work ethic and character are second to none. John has served CMEC & our members since 1978. John began his career at our co-op as “Summer Help” in the Warehouse in May 1977. He had gone to the unemployment office, and they told him Coles Moultrie is needing summer help. He said, “What is Coles Moultrie?” and the rest is history. He went from the warehouse right into linework as they did not have the steps or tools we have today, as you know. He became an Area Serviceman in 2008 and General Foreman in 2016. John had several jobs before coming to our co-op, one of which, at age 13, was a summer job at our local Coca Cola Bottling Company – he rode his bike to work.

He is 66 years old and still the hardest worker. He has been instrumental in both of our Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) transitions. He has worked hundreds of storms and thousands of outages in all kinds of weather. John has possessed initiative his whole career. No obstacle is too big. He is a great mentor and friend to our whole team or co-op family. He can still do the work that needs to be done “outside the bucket” and assists our crews with anything they need. You may find him climbing a pole that a truck cannot get to or sweeping the warehouse floor. He has helped with restoration after summer storms, winter tornados and hurricanes including Irma and Laura.

There are too many highlights to pick from over such a long career that entails so much. What keeps him coming every day, not to be cliché, is “getting the lights back on” and helping members who are waiting sometimes hours, days, or weeks. His favorite thing over the years is hearing stories and talking with members.

There were four other employees that started around the same time John did who have retired, and it was hard on our co-op, like so many in our industry, to have all that knowledge “fall off”. John has helped us bridge the gap helping our new Director of Operations get acclimated as well as incoming new and mid-level linemen. So much has changed from then until now with new gadgets, apps, tools, safety & technology. He never gives up “call” & will always go out. He has helped countless employees and members over the years outside of work. There are so many wonderful people in our profession, but he is truly deserving of this recognition.

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