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Review of Echo Chainsaw

Review of Echo Chainsaw
Review of Echo Chainsaw

Chain Saw, Gas, 20 in. Bar, 59.8cc



15.4 lbs

motor details.png

Gas vs electric:

Gas Powered

chain speed.png


7500 rpm

horse power .jpg


3.9 hp

The Echo CS-590 chainsaw is a reliable and powerful tool that is easy to start and run. With minimal maintenance and care, it can last for years and handle a variety of tasks, including cutting and splitting firewood, logging, and sawing lumber. Some users have had issues with the warranty when purchasing the saw, but overall it has received positive reviews for its durability, performance, and value. The Echo chain saw is also a reliable and efficient tool that is easy to use and maintain. The decompression valve for an easier pull start is a great feature. Powerful, but not too heavy, chainsaw.

Review of Echo Chainsaw
lineman boot benefit

Strong longevity, some of our reviewers noted after 2 years they are still on their original oil filter, gas filter, air filter, spark plug, and have had absolutely no issues.

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lineman boot benefit

Strong anti-vibration handle

Finding replacement chains for Echos can be a bit challenging

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