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Review of Bocomal FR Mens Cargo Pants

Review of Bocomal FR Mens Cargo Pants
Review of Bocomal FR Mens Cargo Pants

BOCOMAL FR Pants for Men Cargo Flame Resistant Pants

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If you're a power line worker looking for a high-quality pair of flame-resistant work pants, the Bocomal FR pants are worth considering. These pants are designed for maximum comfort and durability, with an elastic waistband that provides a relaxed fit and eight pockets for plenty of storage. The cargo pockets on the thighs have flaps to keep your tools secure, and there's a keyring and hammer loop for even more convenience. Plus, these pants have been prewashed and preshrunk for a wrinkle-free look. And with an HRC2 rating, an ATPV arc rating of 9.8 calories/cm2, and compliance with the NFPA2112 Standard on Flame Resistant Garments, you can trust that these pants will provide the protection you need on the job.

Review of Bocomal FR Mens Cargo Pants
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These pants are made from 100% cotton and are imported. They feature a button closure and are machine washable. The material used for these pants is 7.5OZ cotton twill that has been treated for flame resistance. The buttons and sewing threads are also flame resistant, and there is a clear flame resistance tag on the front phone pocket. Additional information about the UL certification can be found on the neck tag. The package also includes a small sample for customers to test the flame resistance of the pants.

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Some lineworkers have reported they rub a bit in the crotch

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These shirts are designed for welders, fitters, ironworkers, electricians, and other industrial workers. They can be used for any kind of industrial and construction work, and are made with durable fabrics and pockets in strategic places to help workers get the job done. The workwear is designed to protect workers every day and help them with heavy tasks. The shirts have the appropriate level of protective gear and are reinforced to withstand up to 100 washes before the flame resistance begins to fade. The shirts meet the standards of NFPA2112, ASTM F1506, and CAT II.

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