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Azusa Light & Water

Azusa Light & Water Lineman Jobs



Hiring: Groundmen, Apprentices, and Journeymen

Current Lineman Openings:


Azusa Light & Water is hiring lineman. Several of the recent wildfires in California have been attributed to ignition caused by high voltage electrical lines coming in contact with vegetation. Only 4% of Azusa Light & Water's service territory is in the high fire threat zone in the north part of the City.

Azusa Light & Water Lineman Pay and Salary Information

The average annual pay for a Lineman at Azusa Light & Water is $56,832 a year. Oversees medical, dental, vision and supplemental insurances provided at this company.

Lineman Apprenticeships at Azusa Light & Water

The apprentice lineworkers at Azusa Light & Water works under general supervision of the Foreman the Lineman performs skilled line work in the operation, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground electrical distribution and transmission systems. Learn and assist with operating, inspecting, and maintaining aerial devices, digger/derricks, excavation equipment, and other electric line related equipment. Assist Journeyman class with performing distribution switching, documentation and mapping information, and perform other related duties as assigned.

Azusa Light & Water Journeyman Lineman Jobs

Journeyman lineman at Azusa Light & Water Under indirect and intermittent supervision, working mostly on a rotating shift, but at times on a regular day-shift assignment, and regularly working alone, to patrol, repair and restore service and handle customer service repairs and adjustments as found necessary to restore service.

Azusa Light & Water Lineman Job Hiring Process

Azusa Light & Water Lineman Valid Class A motor vehicle operator's license and Experience working with utility poles (including ascending and descending climbing).

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Recruiter at Azusa Light & Water?

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