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Emerald Public Utility District

Emerald Public Utility District Lineman Jobs



Hiring: Groundmen, Apprentices, and Journeymen

Current Lineman Openings:


Emerald Public Utility District is hiring lineman. A group of citizens started Emerald PUD in 1983 to achieve better reliability & lower rates. Emerald PUD serves approximately 20,000 homes in rural Lane County and has 65 employees. Emerald is one of six People's Utility Districts providing electricity to customers in Oregon.

Emerald Public Utility District Lineman Pay and Salary Information

The average annual pay for a Lineman at Emerald Public Utility District is $65,405 a year. Emerald Public Utility District has health insurance program.

Lineman Apprenticeships at Emerald Public Utility District

Lineman apprentices at Emerald Public Utility will be responsible for construction, maintenance and operations. Use shovels, sledge hammers and 90 lb jack hammers. Perform aerial work in a safety belt in a safe and efficient manner

Emerald Public Utility District Journeyman Lineman Jobs

Journeyman lineman at Emerald Public Utility District Knowledge of public works, engineering, and utilities. Knowledge of and the ability to apply the principles and practices of organization, management, personnel and fiscal administration of facility operations. Knowledge of public administration and management theory and practices, particularly in municipal government. Ability to establish and maintain high quality working relationships with subordinates, government officials and public.

Emerald Public Utility District Lineman Job Hiring Process

A Lineman at Emerald Public Utility District required the High school diploma, ability to climb the work and working in experience.

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Recruiter at Emerald Public Utility District?

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