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2024 Georgia Lineman Boot Review

[2024 UPDATE] We had 30 veteran lineman test and try Georgia Boots. Our experts review the steel toe, waterproof seal, weight, price, and durability.

Georgia Lineman Boot Review
Georgia Lineman Boot Review

Georgia Boot Men's Loggers Industrial Boot

lineman boot toe type

Toe Type:


lineman boot sole type

Sole Type:


lineman boot shank type


Steel Shank

lineman boot weight


2.00 LBS

lineman boot electrical protection

Electrical Resistance:

ASTM F2892

lineman boot size range

Size Range:


lineman boot material type


Full-grain leather

lineman boot price range

Price Range:


These Georgia lineman Boots with 100% waterproof ability are designed to provide you outstanding comfort and durability and also it will keep your feet dry for the whole day. These boots with rubber outsoles are designed in such a way to make them ready for all rugged terrains. With ASTM electrical hazard standards, they are build nail-free to help insulate you from the ground to slow down conduction.

Georgia Lineman Boot Review
lineman boot benefit

Removable brush guard kiltie

lineman boot problem

Longer break in period

lineman boot benefit

Solid stud hooks & eyelets set on steel washers

lineman boot benefit

Georgia Waterproof system

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