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2024 Kenetrek Lineman Boot Review

[2024 UPDATE] We had 30 veteran lineman test and try Kenetrek Boots. Our experts review the steel toe, waterproof seal, weight, price, and durability.

Kenetrek Lineman Boot Review
Kenetrek Lineman Boot Review

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated with Steel Safety Toe

lineman boot toe type

Toe Type:


lineman boot sole type

Sole Type:


lineman boot shank type


Steel shank

lineman boot weight


3 lbs

lineman boot electrical protection

Electrical Resistance:

ASTM F2412-11

lineman boot size range

Size Range:


lineman boot material type



lineman boot price range

Price Range:


It can be dangerous for any Linemen, cable installers, arborists, tree service workers or any other employee to afford a boot failure… and that is the basis in which we started out designing this tough, constructed for consolation boot. These boots with custom K-talon outsole provides solid grip on track and midsole provides exceptional support and stability.

Kenetrek Lineman Boot Review
lineman boot benefit

Having wide range of size

lineman boot problem

Higher end on price

lineman boot benefit

Reinforced rubber sole provide extra abrasion resistance.

lineman boot benefit

Waterproof membrane to provide insulation

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