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2024 Thorogood Lineman Boot Review

[2024 UPDATE] We had 30 veteran lineman test and try Thorogood Boots. Our experts review the steel toe, waterproof seal, weight, price, and durability.

Thorogood Lineman Boot Review
Thorogood Lineman Boot Review

Thorogood American Heritage Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

lineman boot toe type

Toe Type:


lineman boot sole type

Sole Type:


lineman boot shank type


Fiberglass shank

lineman boot weight


1 lbs

lineman boot electrical protection

Electrical Resistance:

ASTM F2413-18

lineman boot size range

Size Range:


lineman boot material type


Premium Leather

lineman boot price range

Price Range:


These boots are American based with components from USA and also globally sourced. They are designed to keep them light weight and flexible and their steel toe protect the feet from on-site impact and compression hazards. Most importantly its fiberglass shank construction give them the extra flexibility and strength needed to maintain their shape under heavy duress.

Thorogood Lineman Boot Review
lineman boot benefit

Removable ultimate shock absorption food bed

lineman boot problem

Tight achilles area

lineman boot benefit

Fiberglass shank provide it extra strength under duress.

lineman boot benefit

Removable Polyurethane Insole

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