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Powering the Future: The 2023 State of Powerline Jobs and Training

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Lineman Central

Where North America's Power Line Workers Connect For Training and Jobs

Overview and Insights on the Current State of Powerline Labor

The methodology employed for this report is both comprehensive and data-driven, aimed at providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date insights into the powerline industry in 2023. At Lineman Central, our unique position in the industry, with 17,000 job seekers actively engaged on our platform, grants us unparalleled access to the pulse of the workforce. We work closely with over 180 employers, diligently monitoring over 300 job postings every week, sourced from a wide network of employers, utilities, unions and contractors spanning the entire continent. In addition, our partnerships with 180+ training programs further enrich our understanding of the industry's training landscape. To ensure the reliability and relevance of our findings, this report combines survey data with analytical insights, providing a comprehensive view of the industry's current state and future prospects. Our commitment to data-driven analysis ensures that you receive the most valuable and trustworthy information in the field of powerline jobs and training.

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2023 Powerline Stats

  • 12,400 projected job openings in 2024

  • Estimated that 4,300+ line workers have retired or left the workforce

  • State of largest number of powerline workers: Texas

  • Total projected increase of 91,000 miles of new transmission lines in the U.S. within the next 13 years.

  • An estimated 18,000+ line workers consider themselves "passive job seekers"

  • The median salary for lineman is $79,843 or around $41.50 an hour.

  • Six new lineman training programs or technical college programs launched in 2023. 

Top Rated Powerline Employers in 2023

Lineman Central is proud to present our national survey findings on the top-rated powerline employers in 2023. Our comprehensive and data-driven methodology has allowed us to compile the most accurate insights into the powerline industry. With an engaged community of 17,000 job seekers and close collaborations with over 180 employers, we have our finger on the pulse of the workforce. By combining survey data with analytical insights, our report offers a holistic view of the industry's current state and future prospects.

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Wage Changes For Lineman in 2023

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Average posted wage for jobs on Lineman Central decreased compared to inflation

Average posted wage for jobs on Lineman Central increased equal to inflation

Average posted wage for jobs on Lineman Central increased faster than inflation

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Spotlight on Future Tech

Previewing the cutting edge technology unveiled in 2023 that will impact the powerline jobs of tomorrow. 

Spotlight on Training Programs

Lineman Central partners with over 180+ training programs across the country. Here are some of the most notable ones activity in 2023

T&D Projects in 2023

In the coming years, a wave of significant infrastructure initiatives promises to reshape the electrical grid and enhance its efficiency and resilience. To make these projects a reality, there is a critical need for a highly-trained and dedicated workforce. From installing new transmission lines to maintaining and upgrading distribution networks, these endeavors require a wide range of specialized skills and expertise. Explore the Hiring and Career Center for National Lineworkers.

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