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Boosden Lineman's Pliers Side Cutters Combination



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Plier Weight:

.91 lbs

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Plier Material:

Carbon Steel

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Plier Handle:

Thermoplastic Rubber

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Plier Size Options:

5'', 6'', 8''

These 8 inch Linesman Pliers are made of high carbon steel, and have undergone high-frequency hardening treatment to provide strong and durable jaws and cutting edges, which will not become dull. The pliers can also be used as pliers wire cutters, lineman with crimper, dike pliers side cutters, pliers tool side cutting, screw removal pliers, duckbill pliers, engineer screw pliers, lineman cutters, lineman tools, lineman pliers electrical, linesman pliers with crimper, wire cutters pliers, heavy duty pliers.

lineman boot benefit

They will cut #12 copper wire, bend & shape wire for connections, and grasp items for pulling or rotating.

lineman boot benefit

Screw cutter has comfortable feeling design, anti-slip, making them more comfortable and secure.

Boosden Lineman's Pliers Side Cutters Combination

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