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Irwin Vise Grip Lineman Pliers



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Plier Weight:

.84 lbs

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Plier Material:

Alloy Steel

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Plier Handle:

Thermoplastic Rubber

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Plier Size Options:


These IRWIN VISE-GRIP LP8 8-inch North American Lineman's Pliers are crafted from durable nickel-chromium steel with an induction-hardened cutting edge that stays sharper, longer. The pliers feature machined jaws that give maximum gripping strength, while ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue. Vise-Grip 8" Linemans Plier has a durable nickel chromium steel construction.

lineman boot benefit

Pliers feature ProTouch grips that provide extra comfort and reduce hand fatigue

lineman boot benefit

Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength

Irwin Vise Grip Lineman Pliers

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