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Vertek Lineman Jobs



Hiring: Groundmen, Apprentices, and Journeymen

Current Lineman Openings:


Vertek is hiring lineman. Vertek Corporation is a leading provider of operations consulting, end-to-end business process outsourcing, business intelligence and software applications that are used in various combinations to solve client problems and deliver the highest ROI and fastest time-to-value. Vertek serve in Colchester, VT, Vertek is the only solutions partner that can support communications services providers

Vertek Lineman Pay and Salary Information

The average Lineman salary in Vertek is $81,924 par year. Vertek has a health insurance program.

Lineman Apprenticeships at Vertek

Manage materials
Notify customers of impending service disruption while power lines are under construction
Clears undergrowth of right-of-way using hand tools or saws
Perform general cleanup of work area
Drive and operate bucket truck

Vertek Journeyman Lineman Jobs

Journeyman lineman at Vertek Placing cable, placing poles, splicing, testing and maintaining Verizon’s network, both aerial and underground. Working evenings, weekends, holidays and unscheduled shifts as determined by the needs of the business.

Vertek Lineman Job Hiring Process

Vertek Lineman must have the safety information, gear tools, High school diploma and driver license.

Linemen Here Also Applied to:

Recruiter at Vertek?

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