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2024 New York Lineman Jobs

View highest paying lineman jobs in New York. Quick apply for lineman work near me. Companies hiring lineman in New York. 43 new lineman jobs now posted.

Common Local Line Worker Employers Hiring

Armstrong Utilities

Armstrong Utilities

National Grid

National Grid

Danella Line Services
Danella Line Services

Danella Line Services

New York Lineman Jobs

New York

0+ Years Experience


New York
Lineman Apprentice

2-4 Years Experience


New York
Journeyman Lineman

7+ Years Experience


Getting a Lineman Job Here

There are currently 5,070 lineworkers employed in New York.

The average lineworker on the job in New York makes $95,384 a year.

Lineman Work Near Me Information

New York Lineman Jobs

Clean Path New York The USD11 billion project involves the construction of a 1.3 GW, 174-mile (280-km) underground high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line to connect 3.4 GW of new wind and solar projects coming up in upstate New York with New York cit.This is a full-time entry level position and all required training, Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), test equipment, and navigation devices are provided. PPS offers a competitive salary, medical coverage options, paid sick days, holiday, and vacation time, as well as a generous 401K plan. All details will be covered during our interview.y.401(k),401(k) matching,Dental insurance,Health insurance,Health savings
Life insurance,Paid time off,Referral program,Retirement plan,Vision insurance.

Companies hiring lineworkers in New York

Rochester Gas and Electric

Rochester Gas and Electric Lineman Jobs

New York Power Authority

New York Power Authority Lineman Jobs

New York State Electric and Gas

New York State Electric and Gas Lineman Jobs

O’Connell Electric

O’Connell Electric Lineman Jobs

Long Island Power Authority

Long Island Power Authority Lineman Jobs

Five Star Electric Corp.

Five Star Electric Corp. Lineman Jobs

Green Island Power Authority

Green Island Power Authority Lineman Jobs

EJ Electric Installation Co

EJ Electric Installation Co Lineman Jobs

Central Hudson

Central Hudson Lineman Jobs

Citizens Choice Energy Jamestown

Citizens Choice Energy Jamestown Lineman Jobs

Con Edison

Con Edison Lineman Jobs

Consolidated Edison Company of New York

Consolidated Edison Company of New York Lineman Jobs

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