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Five Week Fully Online Powerline Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

Jumpstart Your Powerline Career with an Online Pre-Apprenticeship

  • Strengthen application for ground hand and apprenticeship job postings

  • Understand the fundamentals of powerline work, safety, CDL, knot tying, skinning wire and climbing gear.

  • Added flexibility compared to in-classroom pre-apprenticeship programs, complete at at your own schedule

  • Receive placement on Lineman Central Career Portal for ground hand and apprenticeship jobs

  • Receive the proven formula to prepare a Powerline Apprenticeship Resume and Job Interview Prep

  • National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate and Proven Resume Template

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What do you want to be written about your life?

Join the Brotherhood that Powers the Country. 

National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship has partnered with Lineman Central to prepare workers for some of the leading utility and energy companies in America

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Is The National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship a fit for you?

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You want to take the first step of becoming a power lineman

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You are interested in exploring a career that can pay over $200,000 a year

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You want to learn the fundamentals of the power grid, CDL prep, safety basics, and powerline career planning

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You want the added edge to help you get competitive paid apprenticeships.

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You want to stay in a comfortable low paying job

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You lack the ambition to enter into a time honored profession that powers the country

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You are not willing to commit to a five week online course

2023 Tuition and Fees

Breakdown of Program Costs:​

Total Pre-Apprenticeship Cost: $399 (Excluding Taxes)

  • Includes preparatory module on CPR Certification

  • Includes preparatory module CDL Certification

  • Jobsite Expectation Component

  • Knot Tying Basics

  • Skinning Wire Basics

  • Climbing and Climbing Gear Fundamentals

  • Resume Template Completed and uploaded to Lineman Central

  • Apprenticeship Interview Preparation Module 

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Enrollment is full for 2022. Save your spot for 2023 Today.

($399 Tuition Payment Not Charged until Official Enrollment)


You are now on the waitlist!


What do you want your life to look like?

What are you waiting for?

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The National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a Pre-Apprenticeship and prepares students for a Registered Apprenticeships. The National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship Program is not and does not claim to be a registered apprenticeship program through the Department of Labor. 


The Registered Apprenticeship system combines supervised on-the-job training with technical classroom instruction in subjects related to the apprentice’s chosen occupation. The apprentice has the opportunity to earn a living while gaining skills, and pay raises are awarded throughout the program as skills increase. The intent of this program is to better prepare trainees for registered apprenticeships. 

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