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Becoming a Lineman in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful state with quite a variety of electricity sources. Natural gas accounts for 46% of Georgia’s net energy generation while the four nuclear reactors produce about 26%. Georgia is actually one of the few states that doesn’t produce enough electricity for itself, so it often receives additional electricity from other nearby states. In this report we are focusing on Georgia linemen.


Georgia lineman schools

Georgia lineman apprenticeships

Georgia lineman jobs

How much does a lineman make in Georgia?

Georgia lineman schools

Some of the most popular in-state choices for lineman school in Georgia are Elite Lineman Training Institute, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Southeast Lineman Training Center, and North Georgia Technical College. These programs is a great starting point for people trying to enter the lineman career, as they start as little as a few thousand dollars for tuition. Plus, with at least a 93% employment rate at all of them, you are almost guaranteed to start making $50,000 to $60,000 with your certificate.

In order to become a lineman in Georgia the first step is an apprenticeship. A lineman apprenticeship is an “earn while you learn” program in the sense that it is an entry level role that is focused on education and training. Georgia apprenticeships in the line industry can be difficult to enter and having a CDL as well as going to line school can improve your chances in the region. Some of the lineman schools are also known as pre-apprenticeship programs. In an interview, either union halls or contractors in Georgia, an aspiring lineman will be expected to articulate why he is interested in the field as well as what sort of relevant experience would translate well. Most linemen working in Georgia generally have a good outlook on their job, probably because the are heavily compensated for their work!

Lineman Apprenticeships in Georgia

Georgia lineman apprenticeships

Some of the most popular choices for Georgia lineman apprenticeship includes Southeast Line Constructors, Northwest Lineman College Florida, and Associated Builders & Contractors Institute Lineman Apprentice Program.

Apprentices in Georgia work alongside veteran journeyman and learn from the best instructors in the industry. Apprentices are members of high-energy teams that work in the field to maintain substation, power lines, and other electrical projects.

Lineman apprentices in Georgia will be responsible for performing diversified work related to the construction and maintenance of poles, power lines, auxiliary facilities, and equipment for the distribution of electricity. Linemen can work in many of the large cities, the medium towns, or in the rural countryside.

Lineman apprentices in Georgia can typically make between $55,000 and $65,000 per year.