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How much does lineman school cost in 2024?

Throughout Lineman Central you will find the most in-depth information about lineman school options. This information is provided by the schools themselves as they each update their respective profiles. You might be wondering how much does lineman school cost? In this analysis we examine over 160 lineman schools and found that the median cost of lineman school is $8,400.

Cost of lineman School
Cost of Lineman School

What is included in the cost of lineman school?

The typical lineman school has a combination of classroom and field work to prepare for an apprenticeship. Completing lineman school, also known as a pre-apprenticeship school, is often the first step to become a lineman. The next logical step is pursuing an actual apprenticeship. This apprenticeship consists of several thousand hours of on-the-job training and typically takes from three to five years to complete.

During an apprenticeship you are paid to learn, however many apprenticeships still have costs such as books and some tools. The costs of lineman apprenticeships were not included in our analysis of the average cost of lineman school. In our analysis we only focused on the cost of pre-apprenticeship training programs from institutions such as Lineman Institute of the Northeast ($16,000) and Southeast Lineman Training Center ($17,995). We also included community and technical college programs in our analysis such as the Trident Technical College Lineman School ($5,143) and Yavapai College Lineman Program ($2,492).

Some program include boots and tools in their tuition costs. Examples of such programs include Quinsigamond Community College Lineman Program ($1,200) and Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology ($5,774). Other programs do not include boots and tools in their tuition cost but have relatively low prices such as North Michigan University Lineman Program ($2,800).

Aspiring lineman should examine the curriculum of each program as they weigh their options. Many of the specialized lineman institutions, such as Northwest Lineman College California ($8,918) have slightly higher costs but have a strong network of experienced instructors. Community college programs such as New River Community and Technical College Lineman Program ($4,230) may have lower upfront costs for the distribution technician program but could have additional tuition if you have interest in completing an associates degree through various community colleges.

One of the most common starting points for lineworkers is the National Public Power Pre-Apprenticeship. It is a five week fully online program for less than one thousand dollars.

Does this make lineman school worth it?

In some areas of the country it may be a quicker path to simply get your CDL and go straight to the union hall or a groundmen position. However, some utilities may make you work as a groundman “pre-apprentice” for a year or two before starting your apprenticeship. Non-union can start you as an apprentice through their own program or make you work as a groundman for an X amount of time. Ability to travel must be generally accepted in the line trade regardless of the school or starting point of choice. Lineman Apprenticeship Programs vs Lineman School.

For lineman that have interest in staying as close to home as possible and working at a local utility line school is likely the way to go (and bearing the aforementioned costs that come with it). It’s more than likely they will ask if you completed a line school or some power pathway program. It is important to note that several of the costs that are displayed on various costs profiles can fluctuate. Several programs have additional options for CDL licenses.

There is no one-size fits all approach to a lineman career path. When is a certificate program worth it? While some experienced journeymen may have the opinion that lineman school is not essential, others would strong vouch that it played a key role in securing their first ground position. Professionals that have advanced careers in the field, such as helicopter lineman, often point to lineman school as a critical step in their journey.

What about lineman schools near me?

With the help of our Lineman Central location portal, we give those exploring becoming a lineman a path to explore and compare starting points across the country. The schools are divided by states with common schools from neighboring states also included. For example, you will be able to find lineman schools in South Carolina, lineman schools in Louisiana, lineman schools in Texas, etc.