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How long is lineman school in 2022?

Updated: Jan 27

As you begin to get more familiar with the overhead power distribution line trade and explore some starting points for careers options you will likely come across recommendations for lineman schools. You might be wondering how long is lineman school? Lineman Central is the leading portal for connecting with lineman apprenticeship programs, technical schools and all things lineman career related. In this analysis we examined over 115 lineman schools and found that the median length of lineman school is 18 weeks.

Length of lineman school
Median length of lineman school

This is not the same length of time as becoming a lineman

Is lineman school worth it?

What about lineman schools near me?

This is not the same time it takes to become a lineman.

It is important to differentiate that obviously this answers how long is lineman school, not how long does it take to become a lineman. Completing lineman school, also known as a pre-apprenticeship school, is often the first step to become a lineman. As described, the next logical step is an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship consists of several thousand hours of on-the-job training and typically takes around four years to complete.

The length of apprenticeships were not included in our analysis of the average length of lineman school. We are only focusing on programs from climb schools, community colleges, and line technician programs. We will do further reporting solely on community college courses, such as The Nash Community College Lineman Program and Northampton Community College Lineworker Trainee Program, are tied to traditional semester scheduling.

Some outliers of quicker lineman school programs include the New Mexico Junior College Lineman Program (12 weeks) and the Sacramento Power Academy (12 weeks). Some of the longer lineman schools include the Lansing Community College Lineworker Program (24 weeks) and the Brandon University Power Line Technician Training Program (24 weeks).

Many community college lineman training programs are tried to the traditional semester scheduling. Some programs that can be completed in two semesters include: The Bismarck State College Lineman Program and Holmes Community College Lineman Program. Some of the more lengthier lineman schools include the Minnesota Southwestern Technical College Powerline Technician Program (four semesters) and Nebraska Metropolitan Community College Applied Technology Program (four semesters).