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Joe Rogan Stunned by What Lineman Do

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, an unexpected topic took center stage – the remarkable work of power lineman workers and the diminishing appreciation for skilled trades. Singer-songwriter Zach Bryan joined the conversation, and as the talk delved into the crucial role these individuals play in powering our nation, it shed light on the often-overlooked athleticism and economic significance of their craft.

As the podcast hosts watched awe-inspiring footage of power linemen scaling towering electrical poles, Joe Rogan's astonishment was palpable. "Not only is he skilled, but he is carrying tools," Rogan remarked, underlining the incredible precision and dexterity required for the job. He went on to call these linemen true athletes, highlighting the immense physical demands and mental focus needed to navigate such perilous heights while performing intricate tasks. It's a powerful reminder that the mastery of trades extends beyond the conventional definition of athleticism.

Zach Bryan chimed in with insightful commentary, emphasizing the substantial economic impact of power lineman work. "This stuff has a huge economic impact," he noted, drawing attention to the critical role electricity plays in our modern lives. Yet, as Bryan pointed out, many people take this convenience for granted, often neglecting to consider the origins of the power that fuels their everyday activities. The discussion echoed the sentiment that an entire sector of skilled trades has become a 'lost art,' deserving of greater recognition.

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In a world that increasingly emphasizes technology and white-collar professions, the episode highlighted the importance of rekindling appreciation for the skilled trades. Power linemen symbolize the dedication and expertise that keep our society running smoothly, yet their contributions often go unnoticed. As the conversation between Joe Rogan and Zach Bryan illuminated, the work of these unsung heroes serves as a testament to the vitality of trades, underscoring the need to preserve and honor these crafts for the generations to come. People these days don't seem to appreciate guys that know how to work with knives and chainsaws.

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