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American Lineman College

The American Line Builders Training Program offers a comprehensive pre-apprenticeship) program. Graduates often find employment with top companies like Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Pacific Gas and Electric, SCE, San Diego Gas and Electric.

American Lineman College

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Details about American Lineman College

Welcome to American Lineman College (ALC), an educational institution where unparalleled expertise and a deep-rooted passion for lineworker education converge. Founded by industry veteran Michael Hennesey, one of the esteemed honorary founders of Northwest Lineman College, ALC is grounded in a legacy of
excellence and innovation.

At American Lineman College, we’ve consulted and collaborated with major utilities and construction companies across the nation to design a program that is more aligned with the industry needs. As a result, ALC has taken a different approach to the traditional pre-apprenticeship training model by mirroring the way utility and construction companies train their apprentices and groundmen. You’ll complete your academic courses online, just like in a formalized apprenticeship program. This allows for more time in the field, where you’ll be immersed in a simulated work environment that mimics the actual work, rigors and hours lineworkers work. This immersive hands-on training will provide you with more practical experience than any other pre-apprentice program in California.

ALC is dedicated to nurturing the core knowledge, skills, and professionalism that students need to thrive in the power industry. Our comprehensive training programs go beyond climbing pre-apprentice instruction to encompass essential groundman skills, ensuring that graduates become safe and productive members of any line crew.

Lineman Job Opportunities for Graduates from American Lineman College

The image of a lineman perched atop a power line, braving the elements with wires buzzing around them, is an iconic one. But is this a career path with a bright future? Absolutely!

Demand is Soaring! The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 6% job growth for electrical power-line installers and repairers between 2022 and 2032, faster than the average for all occupations. This translates to 13,600 new jobs every year

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Get your Dream Lineman Job.

Companies hiring entry level line workers from American Lineman College

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power,
Pacific Gas and Electric,
SCE, San Diego Gas and Electric, IBEW

How long does American Lineman College take?

8-10 weeks

How to get into American Lineman College

18 years of age, drivers license, no felonies, ability to pass DOT physical, high school diploma or GED

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Save Time & Money with a 5-Week Fully Online Powerline Pre-Apprenticeship

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8-10 weeks


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Jumpstart Your Powerline Career with the Leading Pre-Apprenticeship

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American Lineman College




Bakersfield, nestled in the heart of Kern County, just 100 miles north of Los Angeles. Bakersfield is home to significant wind, solar, geothermal, oil and biofuels energy generation, earning it the nickname of “the Energy Capital of California.”
Kern County has:
• More wind turbines than any other county in the nation
• The world’s largest solar plant with other projects in the works
• The state’s largest biofuels plant and other biofuels innovations
• The Coso Geothermal Project
Bakersfield and the surrounding areas also provide the opportunity for a wealth of outdoor activities, including: auto racing, fishing, biking, camping, ATV/UTV trails, golf, hiking and backpacking, jet skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, tennis, white water rafting, and much more.


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