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Western Texas College Lineman Program

The Western Texas College Lineman Program offers a comprehensive $5,400 program. Graduates often find employment with top companies like Big Country Electric Cooperative.

Western Texas College Lineman Program

2024 Program Cost:



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Details about Western Texas College Lineman Program

The electrical lineman program prepares individuals to build, repair, and maintain electrical distribution systems (EDS). Job duties include stringing new wire or maintaining old wire, installing and maintaining insulators, setting towers or poles to hold electrical wire, assembling and erecting substations, installing and repairing traffic or train signals, and tree trimming. Linemen are in high demand during natural disasters such as tornados, ice storms, and hurricanes. Individuals who graduate with this certificate will have the basic knowledge and skills of electrical distribution.

Lineman Job Opportunities for Graduates from Western Texas College Lineman Program

According to the Big Country Electric Cooperative (BCEC), 25% of their employees are over 50 and expecting to retire within the next 5 to 7 years, a trait that is characteristic of other area electric cooperatives. As such, the industry will soon be faced with a significant shortage of experienced and knowledgeable workers. However, the huge demand for line workers becomes an opportunity for those trained in electrical distribution systems (EDS) to secure a great job at a good salary with attractive benefits.

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Get your Dream Lineman Job.

Companies hiring entry level line workers from Western Texas College Lineman Program

Big Country Electric Cooperative

How long does Western Texas College Lineman Program take?

12 weeks

How to get into Western Texas College Lineman Program

18 years of age and valid high school diploma or GED

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12 weeks


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Western Texas College Lineman Program




Western Texas College is a public community college in Snyder, Texas. It was established in 1969 and has two downtown Snyder locations in addition to the main campus.


Lineman Central data is provided from a combination of program information submissions, industry reports, surveys, and other publicly available data. Program information may periodically need to be updated and we do not claim 100% annual accuracy.   

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