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Dallas-Fort Worth Linemen Union Information

Ibew 20

Ibew 20

2024 Total Membership:


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 20 was chartered on July 20, 1998. Our membership has grown to serve men & women throughout the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex. There are two International pension plans that augment the Local plan or plans. These plans are in addition to social security. While working away from home, as an I.B.E.W. lineman, wherever you work in the U.S. you are entitled to reciprocity of your earned benefits. This means your benefits will be transferred to your home local upon your request. As a union electrician you have access to working for thousands union contractors in California, plus thousands more throughout the U.S. and Canada. All these Benefits belong to YOU and Your Family

Dallas-Fort Worth


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Common Employers of Linemen in this area

Infratech Corporation, Power Line Services, Pike Corporation

Dallas-Fort Worth Linemen Union Information

Ibew 20

Lineman Central data is provided from a combination of local union information submissions, industry reports, surveys, and other publicly available data. This resource is intended to help local unions provide basic information to linemen and we do not claim 100% annual accuracy. Lineman Central is not a union itself and this tool serves to connect resources.   

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Ibew 20


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Ibew 20

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