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2024 South Carolina Lineman Jobs

View highest paying lineman jobs in South Carolina. Quick apply for lineman work near me. Companies hiring lineman in South Carolina. 51 new lineman jobs now posted.

Common Local Line Worker Employers Hiring

Sumter Utilities

Sumter Utilities

Pike Corporation

Pike Corporation

Gregory Electric
Gregory Electric

Gregory Electric

South Carolina Lineman Jobs

South Carolina

0+ Years Experience


South Carolina
Lineman Apprentice

2-4 Years Experience


South Carolina
Journeyman Lineman

7+ Years Experience


Getting a Lineman Job Here

There are currently 2,560 lineworkers employed in South Carolina.

The average lineworker on the job in South Carolina makes $81,398 a year.

Lineman Work Near Me Information

South Carolina Lineman Jobs

The new 230 kV line, which will be,a tie line connecting the DESC and South Carolina Public Service Authority (“Santee Cooper” or,“SCPSA”) electrical transmission systems will originate at DESC’s existing Toolebeck 115 kV. .. Utility Partners of America (UPA) is a utility contractor offering a full suite of services to the utility sector nationwide. UPA was founded in 1997 and currently employs more than 1,000 full-time service men and women serving utilities across the country. UPA prides itself on excellence in operations, safe work practices, quality control, customer service and schedule management that maximizes customer satisfaction.

Companies hiring lineworkers in South Carolina

Volt Power

Volt Power Lineman Jobs

Wolf Line Construction

Wolf Line Construction Lineman Jobs

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company Lineman Jobs

Sumter Utilities

Sumter Utilities Lineman Jobs

Progress Energy Carolinas

Progress Energy Carolinas Lineman Jobs

Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper Lineman Jobs

Lockhart Power Company

Lockhart Power Company Lineman Jobs

Gregory Electric Company

Gregory Electric Company Lineman Jobs

Delta Construction Partners

Delta Construction Partners Lineman Jobs

EC Source Services

EC Source Services Lineman Jobs

Central Electric Power Cooperative

Central Electric Power Cooperative Lineman Jobs

City of Newberry

City of Newberry Lineman Jobs

Berkeley Electric Cooperative

Berkeley Electric Cooperative Lineman Jobs

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