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2024 Tennessee Lineman Jobs

View highest paying lineman jobs in Tennessee. Quick apply for lineman work near me. Companies hiring lineman in Tennessee. 53 new lineman jobs now posted.

Common Local Line Worker Employers Hiring

Cleveland Utilities

Cleveland Utilities

Davis H Elliot Company, Inc.

Davis H Elliot Company, Inc.

Tennessee Valley Authority
Tennessee Valley Authority

Tennessee Valley Authority

Tennessee Lineman Jobs


0+ Years Experience


Lineman Apprentice

2-4 Years Experience


Journeyman Lineman

7+ Years Experience


Getting a Lineman Job Here

There are currently 2,060 lineworkers employed in Tennessee.

The average lineworker on the job in Tennessee makes $69,175 a year.

Lineman Work Near Me Information

Tennessee Lineman Jobs

The power transmission lines and towers industry is the backbone for a cleaner, more resilient, and dependable electricity network, and is expected to exceed a $48 billion valuation by 2028, as per estimates from Global Market Insights Inc. With the industrial world growing more dependent on electricity for its operations, this anticipated development in power transmission infrastructure is reassuring for many. The Lineman Pre-Apprentice Trainee position is the beginning of a multi-step progression to Journeyman Lineman. Successful candidates will conduct groundwork and install, repair, and maintain overhead and underground electrical power lines and auxiliary equipment. They will also assure timely and safe delivery of equipment, tools, materials, and provide assistance as directed by EPB management.

Companies hiring lineworkers in Tennessee

Telegenix Splicing

Telegenix Splicing Lineman Jobs

Memphis Light Gas and Water

Memphis Light Gas and Water Lineman Jobs

Nashville Electric Service

Nashville Electric Service Lineman Jobs

Jackson Energy Authority

Jackson Energy Authority Lineman Jobs

Kingsport Power

Kingsport Power Lineman Jobs

Knoxville Utilities Board

Knoxville Utilities Board Lineman Jobs

Lance Underground

Lance Underground Lineman Jobs

Lenoir City Utilities Board

Lenoir City Utilities Board Lineman Jobs

Electric Power Board

Electric Power Board Lineman Jobs


AIR2 Lineman Jobs

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