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Get your Dream Lineman Job.

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10 Commandments for Lineman Apprentices on the Job

Ten Commandments for Lineman Apprentices:

  1. You are a grunt! Don't whine. DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!

  2. Listen

  3. Understand the information given to you or ask

  4. Use a notebook. It might be years before you see the exact scenario you just saw today

  5. Put the phone down. No one thinks you're that interesting anyway

  6. Stock the truck!

  7. Put out the signs and be prepared to pick them up. No matter how tired you are.

  8. The foreman will try to keep you safe. Do the same for him

  9. Work as much as you can. It gives the senior guys a chance to relax with their family's

  10. You are a grunt! DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!


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