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2024 Wesco Lineman Boot

Wesco Highliner Lineman Boot Review

Lineman Central and our community of lineman are proud to name Wesco Highliner as one of our top lineman boots.

Sizing: runs true to size:

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 5 Pounds

Date First Available: ‎ November 12, 2012

Features of Note:

  • Recessed metal heel breastplate (offers protection from climbing spurs), Steel sideplate not available with #100 Vibram sole

  • Leather 10 - 10-1/2 iron (.219" thick) half-slip for added support in the arch

  • 7 oz. full-grain leather, Leather side flap, Removable false tongue

  • Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank for comfort and maximum support

These particular stock boots do not have steel toes.

These particular boots do not come with a steel side plate. They do still maintain the steel shank in the boot though!

These wider, reinforced shanks can make a big difference in comfort on the job. Wesco lineman boots even have asymmetrically designed shanks that follow the individual shape of the left and right feet for maximum comfort and support.

A full leather gusset goes all the way up to the top of the boot to provide three layers of shin protection.

These boots are not insulated against heat/cold.

Solid brass studs in installed in the grommets. The boots have a full leather vamp and leather lining.

The strong reinforced toe boxes, designed with extra leather overlays, will keep feet well protected and the outsoles will provide solid protection while walking over any terrain.

Where to buy Wesco Lineman Boots

Wesco started as a small family brand in Oregon. Today, over 100 years later Wesco have been found in Hollywood and Paris runways.... but don't let that fool you about their rugged quality.

The brand that started out in the logging capital of world continues to serve blue collar industries across North America. The line industry is no different. Lineman have grown to respect and trust the quality of Wesco.

If you are a Journeyman, cable installer or cell phone tower climber, these sturdy lineman boots will keep feet and legs super comfortable while on the job.

Wesco Boots are built with high quality, uncompromised, full grain leather. Wesco boots are made 100% in the US and available via the link below:

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