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Minnesota Lineman Jobs and Schools

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The majority of the power produced in Minnesota comes from a combination of coal-fired electric power plants and the two nuclear power plants in the state. However, the coal generated power has been on the steep decline in the recent years, but wind energy started to pick up the slack. With all of this power, someone has to guide where it goes. In this report we are focusing on Minnesota linemen.


Minnesota lineman schools

Some of the most popular in-state choices for lineman school in Minnesota are Minnesota State Community & Technical College Lineman Program, and Dakota County Area Technical Institute Lineworker Program. These are all great options to get your certificate to become a line worker. Starting at only $3,000 for tuition, you can look forward to making upwards of $50,000 a year!

In order to become a lineman in Minnesota the first step is an apprenticeship. A lineman apprenticeship is an “earn while you learn” program in the sense that it is an entry level role that is focused on education and training. Minnesota apprenticeships in the line industry can be difficult to enter and having a CDL as well as going to line school can improve your chances in the region. Some of the lineman schools are also known as pre-apprenticeship programs. In an interview, either union halls or contractors in Minnesota, an aspiring lineman will be expected to articulate why he is interested in the field as well as what sort of relevant experience would translate well. Being a lineman in Minnesota is very respectable job, which doesn’t have too much competition to get the well-paying jobs.

Minnesota lineman apprenticeships

Apprentices in Minnesota work alongside veteran journeyman and learn from the best instructors in the industry. Apprentices are members of high-energy teams that work in the field to maintain substation, power lines, and other electrical projects.

Lineman apprentices in Minnesota will be responsible for performing diversified work related to the construction and maintenance of poles, power lines, auxiliary facilities, and equipment for the distribution of electricity. Minnesota actually requires by law that a certain percentage of electricity comes from renewable sources, which often can be inconsistent and require constant updating and working on the grid.

Lineman apprentices in Minnesota can typically make between $58,000 and $63,000 per year.

Minnesota lineman jobs

How much does a lineman make in Minnesota?

We estimate there are currently 2,120 linemen in the state of Minnesota. The median journeyman salary for lineman in Minnesota is $93,160. The 90th percentile salary for journeyman lineman in Minnesota is $114,210.

One local union for lineman in Minnesota is Local 292 (Minneapolis). There is a fair balance for lineman jobs in Minnesota between union and non-union. By working with a union, they may be able to offer additional training to you and more unique job opportunities.

Xcel Energy is a major employer of lineman through its strong apprenticeship program. Other major employers of lineman in Minnesota include Connexus Energy, Minnesota Power, Lake Country Power, and Otter Tail Power Company.

Some of the other utilities we have been tracking over the past year that have been getting more aggressive with their posting of hiring opportunities for lineman include Xcel Energy and Detroit Lakes Public Utilities Electric Department.

Journeyman lineman in Minnesota will be able to need to perform various types of distribution service calls. A typical day’s work would include performing all energized & de-energized work assigned to the crew, supervise the work of any apprentice lineman training with the crew, assume the responsibility for the crew when the foreman is not present.

Minnesota is one of the more lucrative states to practice being a lineman. Like every other state, linemen are needed for the world to work, however the number of linemen is relatively low, meaning that the demand is through the roof, meaning the paycheck is also through the roof. You will definitely get paid well if you consider working in Minnesota.

In Minnesota, there are tons of opportunities for you to put your lineman hands to work, let it be in the cities are maybe near the lakes. Plus, the paycheck is very encouraging!


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