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Hands on learning for Linemen

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Do you remember the best book you read about how to ride a bike when you were growing up?

Of course not.

Understanding the fundamentals of transmission and distribution is not exactly like riding a bike, but the need for hands on learning is more evident then ever. What makes hands-on and experiential learning difficult in the line trade is the obvious danger.

The proverbial "scrap of the knee" that occurs when you learn to ride a bike, cannot be afforded with a high voltage distribution line live on scene..

For years, the default learning experience for groundmen and apprentices has been a combination of classroom textbook work, power point slides bolstered with real time assistance of journeymen in the field

How can lineman better prepare to be on the job?

Some of the highest regarded text books for lineman education includes in depth information on of generators, transmission towers, transformers, regulators, fuses, meters - essential components of a power distribution system.

However even with the best photographs and diagrams, this learning is really re-enforced on the job through the OJT apprenticeship program. How can we as the future of the line industry encourage more hand on learning both in the classroom and in the field?

We are encouraged to see the number of serious line injuries continue to drop year over year. We are very encouraged to see new technologies and arrangements to model and scale-down power infrastructure set ups to help up and coming utility professionals learn the basics by doing.

Spotlight on Three Phase Innovations

Three Phase Innovations has developed real-to scale training models to simulate the exact experience for lineman.

Josh Nichols and Jason Leary, veteran linemen themselves, founded three Phase Innovations® in 2015 to provide “on the job” level training for lineworkers in the safety of the classroom. To that end, they have developed “to scale” transformers and poles and a control panel that allows a qualified instructor to simulate any possible situation a lineworker might encounter on the job.

In addition to 2 and 3 pole classroom models, TPI offers portable versions in the same configurations that are designed to be dismantled and moved to different locations as needed for instructional presentations. Each unit, whether a classroom or portable version, is custom built to meet the needs of each customer.

These models present the student with every detail they will experience on the job site while allowing them to practice solving the same “real life” situations

repeatedly in the safety of the classroom.

All Three Phase Innovations® equipment has been tested and must comply with our design concepts for 208VAC-120VAC power distribution. Their products have been engineered to provide dependable, long term performance while being cost effective without sacrificing integrity.

In addition, they offer full size illustrated manuals to use with our classroom and portable models, as well as weather proof “glovebox” size manuals that can be used for “on site” reference when needed.

Consider learning hands on for lineman jobs

Three Phase Innovations has been building and delivering quality products crafted with the highest standards of detail and craftsmanship, since we opened our facility in 2015.

The team at Three Phase are detail oriented and understand the importance of creating products that are designed to replicate on site conditions and equipment that will provide real time – in the field – experiences.

The equipment is portable and can be dismantled, while being constructed using reliable components.

All Three Phase equipment has been tested and must comply with our design concepts for 208VAC – 120VAC power distribution. Their products have been engineered to provide dependable, long-term performance, while being cost effective without sacrificing integrity.


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