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5 Schools to start a lineman career in Texas

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

There are over an estimated 10,000 lineman in the state of Texas. With the state vast geographic reach there are lots of job opportunities across the Texas plains. Some of the common employers of lineman that have bolstering up their teams recently include Xcel Energy, Longhorn Electric, BHI Energy and Mastec Utilities. There are many options to join a local union such as Local 66 (Houston), Local 72 (Waco), Local 20 (Dallas), and Local 500 (San Antonio).

The state of Texas has a unique electrical grid run by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The separation of the Texas grid from the rest of the United States country has its origins in changing times of electric utilities last century. For that reason, many of the smaller employers in Texas do not have much interstate travel. Here are five of the most popular starting points for aspiring lineman beginning their careers in the Lone Star State:

South Plains College Lineman Program

SPC is thought to be by many as one of the most elegant and complete community colleges in Texas. The Levelland Campus encompasses over 40 buildings on a 177-acre campus. SPC is located in Levelland, which is about a forty minute drive outside of Lubbock.

The age of SPC students is quite diverse. Over 75%of the SPC student body are traditional college-age. The average age of the student body on the Levelland Campus is 21 years. One of the programs offered at the college is a two-year Electrical and Power Transmission Technology program. The goal of the program is prepare qualified graduates to work in the electrical industry. Over 90% of the students that begin the program complete it.

The curriculum provides a selection of electrical courses that meet the needs of the electrical industry, as well as the goals and desires of the student. Our surveys estimate that the average 2021 graduate starting wage was around $46,000.

This program gives broad electrical knowledge and does not feed directly into an lineman apprenticeship but it does give a solid foundation to understand the basic fundamentals of electricity.

South Plains College
South Plains College

Texas State Technical College Lineman Program

The Texas State Technical College system as a wide reach across the Lonestar State. There are many locations across the state and the programs that they offer continue to expand. The Technical college prides itself on flexibility and a strong student life.

The program of note for aspiring lineman is the Electrical Linework Technology Program offered by the Texas State Technical College. In this program you will learn the basics of the lineman profession with a focus on safety.

Texas State has a money-back guarantee program. If you complete an associate degree in Electrical Lineworker don't have a job within six months of graduating, TSTC will refund your tuition.

This program is available at the Fort Bend County, Marshall and Waco campuses as well as the Harlingen campus as of last year.

Northwest Lineman College Texas

Northwest Lineman College plays a major role in preparing the next generation of lineman, not only in Texas but across the country. Across the country each year the college trains over 8,000 aspiring lineman.

The Texas Campus is located in Denton, about a 40 minute drive outside of Dallas. Students of this program will appreciate the nice amenities. the facility has been outfitted with 10,000 sqft. in