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Linemen Wins and Losses from the Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill

2,702 pages is a lot to dig through.

The overarching goal of the $1 trillion dollar plan is to secure the energy infrastructure of the State against all physical and cybersecurity threats.

The deal’s $73 billion investment is the single largest government spending project in clean energy transmission in American history.

The Quick Breakdown for Overhead and Transmission Linemen:

Good News for Linemen:

✔️Impact grants for disruptive events and power outages

✔️Amend the Federal Power Act to streamline construction permits

✔️Strong set aside impacts for smaller utilities

Bad News for Linemen:

No further progress on the Lineman Legacy Act stuck in Senate

Department of Energy Revolving Loan Fund will still support projects that fail to be constructed

Overall very limited specification on rural transmission priorities

Biggest Remaining Unknowns for Linemen:

🟧What happens with the Transmission Facilitation Fund?

🟧How does the Grid Deployment Authority actually impact the speed of powerline construction?

Good News for Linemen:

✔️Impact grants for disruptive events and power outages

The infrastructure orders repairs to crumbling physical infrastructure such as roads and bridges, expansions to broadband internet access, replacement of lead water pipes, financial support for clean energy projects, and improving the weatherization and cybersecurity of vulnerable infrastructure.

The impact for the power grid is a new grant program for disruptive events and power outages. The eligible recipients include "(A) an electric grid operator; (B) an electricity storage operator; (C) an electricity generator; (D) a transmission owner or operator; (E) a distribution provider".

The grant applicant must show that the capital will be used to make 'supplemental efforts to existing hardening of the eligible entity planned for any given year' or 'reduce the risk of any future disruptive event'.

This broadly defined grant seems to be written very loosely and will give the Department of Energy strong authority to essentially fund whatever project they deem necessary.

This is a positive for lineman particularly journeyman traveling in storm recovery.

✔️Amend the Federal Power Act to streamline construction permits

The goal of this amendment is to speed up the regulatory process needed to verify and approve constructi