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Spotlight on OmniGear: Putting Safety First

As a line worker, it is important to prioritize safety while on the job. Using a mobile device in the field can present challenges, as it may require the use of one or both hands. To ensure the safest and most efficient way of working with a mobile device, it is important to use equipment that allows for hands-free use. This not only helps to keep both hands available for any potential hazards that may arise, but it also helps to prevent the device from being misplaced, dropped, or damaged. By using a hands-free method of carrying and interfacing with the device, line workers can effectively and safely use mobile devices while working in the field.

As a utility provider, the safety of your employees is of the utmost importance. As tablets and other technologies become more commonly used for data analysis and input in the field, it is important to consider the safety and efficiency of employees using these devices. Employees working on utility poles or at great heights need to have both hands available to ensure their safety and ability to react quickly to potential dangers. Research has shown that the fatal injury rate for power linemen is 21 in 100,000, highlighting the importance of keeping both hands free while working in potentially hazardous conditions. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your employees, it is essential to prioritize the use of hands-free methods for using tablets and other technologies in the field.

The Safety Two Hand Touch (SafeT-HT) is a high visibility wearable iPad and tablet case that is secured to the chest via an adjustable harness, leaving both hands available to interface with any apps necessary while on the job. It is no longer necessary to have to carry around an iPad while working. This frees up both hands to do work while also eliminating cramping or repetitive motion injuries from carrying it around for long periods of time. This is a perfect product for field engineers, utility workers, telecom engineers, etc. The Two Hand Touch comes in 2 sizes that perfectly fit the iPad or the iPad Pro but is also able to securely hold many other sized tablets.


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