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Unique stabilization system for transmission crews

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Building new transmission lines in America is hard.

Part of the difficulty owes to the legal ambiguity stemming from past federal appeals, which found the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission lacked the authority to overturn state regulators’ rejection of power lines planned in DOE sanctioned corridors.

However, just as difficult and away from the regulatory perspective is the necessity to lay strong and safe foundations for utility expansion.

Across America the routes that are being mapped for new transmission paths often include uneven and inconsistent footings.

Before transmission lineman are even in the air, utility crews must be working to ensure the concrete or steel infrastructure have strong stability.

This pole stabilization process can be costly and quickly wrack up the man-hours.

Benefit of a solid pole brace system for lineman jobs

The top line crews make their bottom line on efficiency. They understand the direct and indirect costs that come with equipment rental, extra labor, and the fuel costs of running back and forth from a job site.

While a forklift or telehandler is often the default solution for pole bracing situations, many crews are now recognizing the opportunity the speed and agility (on top of investment savings that comes with owning a pole stabilization system).

Spotlight on LineWise DEPS

The DEPS Pole Brace System is an adjustable pole brace system that is equipped with a pole bracket that can be chained or strapped to the base section of a pole, as well as an anchor plate that utilizes the existing ground as an anchor point to plumb and hold the pole stable while pouring concrete or flowfill.

This solution can be particularly helpful when working on uneven ground. The DEPS anchor stakes provide a strong stabilization platform and distribution of load.

Check out the Direct Embed Pole Stabilization System from LineWise

This stabilization system enables T&D crews to quickly set up, plumb and hold a concrete or steel pole in place during construction, without the use of a forklift/telehandler or deadman concrete anchors.

It can be fully retracted at 7’-6’’ in length so can be stowed in a truck bed or gooseneck trailer.

The team at LineWise takes pride in a simple, quick and easy to use design that can be set up in minutes. This solution provides for the reduction of job-site hazards associated with moving equipment.


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