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Can I get a lineman job with no experience?

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

No you will not be able to become a lineman without any experience. Becoming a lineman requires years of training and formal apprenticeships. However, with zero experience today there are things that you can be doing to put yourself in the best position to begin an apprenticeship and ultimately become a lineman.

Ways to become a lineman with no experience?

Start as an hourly ground hand

A common starting point for those interested in the line trade is beginning as a ground hand. Ground hands assist and lineman in their aerial work. Some common tasks for groundman in the power industry include clean and prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards and control traffic passing near, in, and around work zones.

While these are often low paying and entry level positions they can be critical in making for a strong apprenticeship application as well as a strong line experience resume in general. Ground hands will also assist crews in lubricating, cleaning, and repairing machinery, equipment, and tools. Groundman also often help pull in conduit Fiber optic cable and copper cable

Best Resume Template for Lineman Jobs

In order to to become a ground man on a crew you must must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check, have basic knowledge of and ability to operate various types of utility trucks and equipment in a safe manner, and have the general ability to hand tools and equipment in a safe manner.

Common Paths to Lineman

Get some experience in the telecommunications industry

As the telecommunications industry is less dangerous and has a greater number of entry level positions many lineman of today are getting their start in the telecom industry. Large companies such as AT&T and TDS have many entry level position that can provide as a paid starting point prior to applying for a line apprenticeship. Telecom technicians inspect and service equipment and wiring that carry communication signals. Often they are working on telephone lines and internet routers. As the technology in this industry is rapidly changing there is an increasing demand for entry level labor.

Prove yourself in other entry level blue collar trades

At the end of the day, the best way to prove yourself for a lineman apprenticeship and apprenticeship interview is showing that you can professional perform well in difficult and hands on environments. This prove can come in the form of construction, roofing, and many other trade paths. What is critical is your professional ability to work well in a team and provide value to a crew.

How to get a lineman job with no experience?

Start by getting a CDL

The most common first step for those interested in becoming a lineman is getting your CDL or Commercial Drivers License. Having a CDL will greatly increase your chances of getting accepted into a pre-apprenticeship program as well as apprenticeships across the country.