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Best ways to get a rural lineman job

Some of the most common openings for lineman jobs are in rural parts of the country. In our three years of tracking lineman position openings these employers often include rural electric cooperatives and smaller private utilities. We recommend subscribing to Lineman Central for job alerts in your local area. For the last 20 years the American population growth has been largely in urban areas. This does not stop the need for power in thousands of small towns and communities across the US. There is a strong demand for linemen and employers are willing to pay for these positions to be filled by talented workers.

Who hires rural lineman in 2024

One of the most common employers of lineman in rural areas are electric cooperatives. Electric Cooperatives are member owned and operated. They are often nonprofits. The homeowners and business using the power are considered members rather than customers. The reason your local electric cooperative could be an excellent employer if you want to live in the country is these groups are dedicated to providing electricity to rural areas. Many large commercial and publicly owned utilities are often hesitant to do this work as they can make more money on city electricity transmission. Examples of Electric Cooperatives that are hiring linemen on Lineman Central include Northeastern REMC, Indiana Electric Cooperative, and The Association of Illinois Electric Cooperative.

Example Lineman Apprentice Schedule

First step to get a rural lineman job

The first step to get a rural lineman jobs is an apprenticeship. These apprenticeships typically last four years. On Lineman Central you will find examples of these such as the Ivy Tech Community College Lineman Apprenticeship. This program trains lineworker's across Indiana. Graduates finish over 500 hours of classroom study on top of 8,000 paid training hours. You can see an example of a rural apprenticeship curriculum in this article. If you already have your journeyman's license we recommend signing up for rural job alerts on Lineman Central.

Other Lineman Job Questions

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