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How dangerous are power lineman jobs

According to national lineman surveys and utility company data, 42 for every 100,000 lineman are killed on the job each year. This makes lineman jobs one of the most dangerous only behind loggers and manual laborers in agriculture. What makes the line trade so dangerous is the combination of high voltage power and heights. In addition to these constant threats, mother nature is constantly changing the environment. The last five years has seen huge strides in power and utility safety. Each year two inventions and solutions are presented to increase line worker safety and improve education. However, accidents still happen and in this business there is almost no margin for error.

How often do linemen get hurt in 2024?

According to national lineman surveys and utility company data around 2,400 for every 100,000 lineman suffer serious non-fatal injuries each year. The most common of these serious injuries are electrical burns and broken bones from falls. When the body's nerves are affected by an electric shock during a lineman job, the consequences include pain, tingling, numbness and difficulty moving a limb.

Dangerous lineman job

What is the most dangerous lineman job?

One of the most dangerous categories of line work is storm recovery work. Storm chasers are often paid very well working overtime after a hurricane or tropical storm; however these lineman jobs are incredibly dangerous. The working conditions are new for the crew traveling on site, teams are often tired and understaffed and sometimes the grounding or footing can be unsteady. In September of 2021, two lineman died on the job while working to restore power in Alabama following Hurricane Ida.

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